Geneva Sathya Sai Centre

CH-1218 Grand Saconnex

Postal Account:  17-799866-1


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Notes for parents:

Classes are held at: Sai Nilayam, 4 chemin de la METAIRIE, 1218 Grand Saconnex. Tel 022 788 9010

Timing: No holidays (except when I am out of town – will let you know in advance)

Children from 8 – 11 years: From 10 am to 11 am every Sunday.

Children from 12 – 16 years: From 11 am to noon every Sunday.

Children from 4 – 7 years: From noon to 1 pm every Sunday.


Please note that the Bal-Vikas classes are free of charge. Nonetheless, it is a complete curriculum and children are expected to attend all the classes. If for a particular reason, your child cannot attend, please let me know in advance by email that your child will not attend.


Please remember that I will not accept any gifts under any pretext. It will be returned to you (please do not feel bad). However, I will accept a drawing done by your child. Better still would be your child’s school report that he / she has obtained excellent marks in his / her studies. This will give me a lot of pleasure. His/her success is my greatest gift.


We do 2 major programs where your child will participate (+ you can help out):

  1. Akhand Bhajans – second Sunday of November where we all sing in public. BV children normally sing bhajans from 11 am to noon.
  2. Eeshwaramma Day – we do a stage cultural program with drama / dance etc. This would either be the second Sunday of May or the Saturday close to Nov 23.


If you have any questions, please contact me at:

arun underscore pabari at sathyasaigeneva dotcom