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The Sathya Sai International Organization of Switzerland

 The Sathya Sai International Organization of Switzerland is a spiritual organization. Its fundamental objectives are to revive in all the religions the human values like truth, right action, peace, love and non-violence, and the practice of these values in our daily life. 

« Our real nature is not found within the littleness of our personal interest but in the universal love. ».

 Believing in the inherent divinity of everything implies belief in all the creation and consequently in the unity of all the religions - which have a common base linking all beings.

 The aim of all the activities of the Sathya Sai International Organization of Switzerland is to provide support to all the members in their spiritual development and in the forming of a strong character. This is independent of the place where he/she lives or his status – whether they are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus or believers in another religion. 

     « Believe in God – because there is only one God for the whole of humanity – even if He is called by different names ».  « Respect all the religions – because none of them encourages negative tendencies / characteristics in human beings.  All religions exhort humanity to have noble ideals.»

 By knowing this fact, and having the feeling which is basis of unity in diversity, the global crisis can be overcome – especially that which affects families and education. A positive transformation of the society can be brought about by the change in the conduct of each person.

 « When there is right action (dharma) in the heart, the beauty of the character is visible. If there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home. When there is harmony in the home, there is order and discipline in the nation. When there is order in the nation, peace will prevail in the world. ».

« At present, the main task is to develop love. Only love can save the world ».

 The Sathya Sai International Organization of Switzerland bears the name of its founder, who, through His exemplary life and His teachings of the highest principles of Truth, Right Action, Divine Love, peace and non-violence, has inspired millions of human beings in the whole world.

                       « My life is My message ».

 Sathya Sai Baba does not attach any importance to his fame – by and in the Organization. “ I do not want your veneration but your transformation”.  This depends upon the development and the recognition of the good in all its forms.  To reach this goal, we should have inner knowledge; each one is his or her own teacher.

 The universal aims of the Sathya Sai Organization

      “Always keep this in mind that the aim of all the activities of this Organization is to remove the obstacles that separate man from the Divine”.

     “ In your life, cultivate the following values: Truth, Right Action, Love, Peace and Non-Violence and encourage all the individuals to put them into practice…”

      “Follow the religion in which you are born or which you have chosen and lead a daily life morally and following right action”.

 The fundamental aim of the Sathya Sai International Organization of Switzerland  is to help individuals to become conscious of their own divinity so that it would serve as a guideline in his/her life. This guideline would be a help to the human being, it would bring about the divine love and would allow him/her to become perfect and consequently allow him to put all this in practice in his daily life. Thus, the life of the individual is filled with joy, harmony, beauty, grace, human perfection and long lasting happiness.

 How to reach these goals?

      “By doing voluntary service, man recognizes God who reveals Himself in His creation”.

      “There should be a complete harmony in thought, words and actions”.

      “When the head, heart and hand (three H’s) work in harmony, you are in a correct state of mind for all conduct.”

  In the nine-point Code of Conduct, Sathya Sai Baba has indicated how to attain these spiritual goals.  Some of main points are:

 .    Sincere and brotherly relations with the others.

.    Voluntary service for the common good, projects for helping the handicapped and the needy.

.    Ceiling on desires, in the firm conviction that real happiness does not come from outside but from ourselves.

     “ There are four types of ceiling on desires: do not waste food, nor time, nor money nor energy. Do not waste your life!”

.    The study circles in which various themes are discussed help the participants to reinforce their own potential. The quotations from Sai Baba, like those from other religions, help as a basis for these study circles.

.    The songs (bhajan) and mantras from various religions as well as silent contemplation, meditation and prayers.

.    Analysis of human values that are carried out as specific programs for children, adolescents, parents, and adults as well as various professional groups.

      “The secret of happiness does not lie in doing what we like to do but rather in doing with pleasure what we have to do.”