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How to join a Sai group?

 The first step is to undertake the study of the teachings of Sai Baba found in many books published in various languages. In Switzerland, there are bookshops and special points of sale where you can find books in English, French, German and Italian. You can even obtain video-cassettes and CDs and DVDs.

 The following step consists of participating regularly in the activities of a Sai Center or a Group. This would also enhance your research and your spiritual transformation. Sathya Sai Baba does not want that His devotees do proselytism or collect money. The Sathya Sai Centers or Groups in the whole world – in more than 160 countries – work discretely /unobtrusively. They offer spiritual aspirants the possibility of deepening their understanding of these teachings and to use them in their spiritual transformation. The person who wants to become a member must contact the coordinator of the Sai Group in his/her region.

 ” The Sathya Sai Organization was founded with the aim of spreading love, of encouraging it and for sustaining it. It was not established for it to be a constraint but rather for the need of the hearts to become profound with an intense desire to love and to propagate love.

 The Sathya Sai Organization was founded with the profound desire to love and to propagate this love”.

Your relationship with God is on a one-to-one basis. There is no middleman. Hence, you will never see a priest conducting ceremonies. There are only coordinators and facilitators. Saibaba says that the distance between you and God is the distance between you and your heart.

Please note that Sathya Saibaba does not have any telephone or email. You can talk to Him in your heart or you can write a letter to Him and send it by post. You will not receive a direct answer but you will obtain an answer indirectly. You might get an answer when you are reading a book or a newspaper or someone might just make a comment replying directly to the question that you had sent to Saibaba. You will realize it when you get the answer.